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Learning is a complex process that develops through stages and requires efficient underlying skills.
Our One-on-One cognitive and behavioral skills development programs empower pupils to perform better at schools by building the skills foundation which improve their learning ability and lead them to success.

Intelligence Development Program

This program is designed for students encountering learning challenges such as lack of mental focus, weakness of their abilities to memorize or to sustain mental effort, math disabilities or assimilation difficulties. It is conducted in one-on-one basis, which produce measurable improvement and develop performance in learning.
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Behavioral Adjustment Program

This program is designed for student facing behavioral problems such as: hyperactivity, stubbornness, persecution, violence, anger, sexual harassment and other. It aims to improve the behavior by using accurate educational tools and providing effective strategies to enable parents, teachers and administrative staff to supervise and guide students.
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Avoiding School Failure

A customized program for student experiencing learning difficulties, weakness in cognitive abilities related to learning process and academic achievement. After conducting a scientific assessment for student‘s cognitive competencies, we establish a tailored learning program which enhance student’s chances to succeed and pass the exams.
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Cognitive and Behavioral Evaluation

We offer a comprehensive assessment of cognitive and behavioral skills related to learning and fundamental for academic success. Cognitive and Behavioral Evaluation Program is designed to uncover the causes of learning issues, in order to target and address any deficiency.
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Academic and Vocational Guidance

This program is a well-structured, scientifically developed career guidance, using the latest tools to assist students and individuals in their educational and career choices by discovering and developing their academic goals and career planning. It offers expert advice and practical steps towards a career most suitable to person’s level of academic attainment, skills and interests.
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