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Excellence de l’éducation Skills Development Center
Office 09- 2nd Floor -Sunset Mall,
Jumeirah Beach Road- Jumeirah3,
Dubai- United Arab Emirates.

Phone: 043430317
We partner with schools which strive for outstanding education to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of their institutions.

  Our approach consists on developing tailored improvement programs, based on a professional needs analysis, to determine the priorities and areas of enhancement.

We provide comprehensive range of support services and customizable solutions, designed to fit all your schools needs and goals, and calibrated to deliver high impact results.

Institutional Support for Schools

An integrated approach to improve quality education and overall school performance, through scientific mechanisms and educational intervention tools.
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Swiss Accreditation Program

This program is specially designed for schools committed to high quality education and which engage efficiently in enhancing practices, in order to fulfill children’s learning and development needs. The quality assurance process ensures that the educational programs are internationally recognized, and guide the school to move toward excellence through comprehensive self-assessment system and continuous improvement strategies.
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