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Professor Ahmed ALIMAM
 Pr. Dr. Ahmed ALIMAM
Founder of Excellence de l'éducation in Dubai and Al Ain, and .
Professor at the Institute of Training and Judicial Studies-UAE.
Professor in Educational Sciences at Mohamed V University formerly.
Educational and Vocational Expert - Lausanne University -Switzerland.
Jury Member of “Princess Haya Award for Special Education” (2008-2014).
Former Federal Expert at the Federal Commission for the behavioural and rehabilitation pilot projects- Switzerland.
Assistant Professor at Lausanne University formerly.
Developer of the innovative educational intervention program ‘’APCIC’’- Switzerland.
National Director of Judicial Administration Modernization Project at the Supreme Court- Morocco- formerly.
President of the Judicial Publishing and Documentation Center- Supreme Court- Morocco- formerly.
Ph.D. in Criminology- Lausanne University- Switzerland.
Master of Science Degree in Educational and Vocational Orientation- Lausanne University- Switzerland.
Post Graduate Studies in Cognitive and behavioural therapy from Claude Bernard University- France  |
Master of Science Degree in Criminology- Lausanne University- Switzerland.
Cognitive and behavioural consultant- Switzerland.
Post graduate statistical studies- Neuchâtel University -Switzerland.      
 Specializations and interests 
Cognitive development - Behavioral adjustment - Intelligence evaluation- Computerized psychometric - Applied neurosciences -Innovative learning- Special education - Curative Pedagogy - Clinical criminology- Penology - Criminal psychology - Behavioral deviations- Delinquents rehabilitation- Educational sciences - Jurisprudence -Institutional evaluation.

Professor Doctor Ahmed ALIMAM is the founder of Excellence de l'éducation in Dubai and Al Ain, and , a respected cognitive and behavioral psychologist, educational and vocational consultant expert. Formerly professor of Educational Sciences at Mohamed V University, he is currently professor of criminology, penology and criminal psychology at the Institute of Training and Judicial Studies -Federal Authority- in United Arab Emirates.
Over the course of his career, he made innovative approaches in education, learning sciences, pedagogy, cognitive and behavioral sciences, psychometric, behavioral psychology, clinical criminology and institutional evaluation.

Cognitive, behavioral and educational sciences

Upon acquiring his Master’s of Science Degree with distinction in Educational and Vocational Orientation from Lausanne University, Pr.Dr.ALIMAM was assigned as Consultant in Educational and Vocational Orientation at Lausanne University in Switzerland. His Master Degree researches was perused with Pr. Rémy DROZ, one of the distinguished collaborators of Jean PIAGET , who became the head of his laboratory in the faculty of educational sciences in Genève. Among his professors; Guy PALMADE (student of the French philosopher Gaston BACHELARD ), the pioneer in psychology of learning, researcher in pedagogy and teaching methods.

Pr.Dr.ALIMAM was trained by Pr. Jean Pierre Dauwalder in principles and techniques of Behavioral Psychology, then he was a part of the first Swiss team to peruse a post graduate studies in cognitive and behavioral therapies with Pr. Jean Cottraux in Claude Bernard University Lyon -France.

Furthermore, as a doctoral fellow of University Hospital Vaud-Switzerland in neuro-psychology division; Pr.Dr.ALIMAM completed several neuro-scientific researches applied in education, and developed specific techniques in the improvement of children's cognitive and behavioral skills.

Pr.Dr.ALIMAM developed his own model of educational intervention program ‘’APCIC’’ “ Approche de Pédagogie Curative d'Inspiration Cognitive”.

APCIC is based on cognitive and behavioral sciences, applied neurosciences and pedagogical concepts. The program was supported by Pr. Jean Pierre Dauwalder who considered it “distinguished with a great educational value.” APCIC is designed to be implemented in parallel with the school curriculum and targets student's cognitive and behavioral skills on a one-on-one basis.

In 1996, Pr.Dr.ALIMAM founded the first clinic specialized in cognitive and behavioral therapy in Rabat- kingdom of Morocco, a leading institution which gathered international experts in the newest therapeutic approaches.

In 2007, as a consultant in the Childhood Center, he designed the establishment project of the Child Supreme Council in Dubai - United Arab Emirates and was appointed as the president of the recommendations committee of the First and Second Gulf Childhood Conferences.

He also has been appointed as a Jury Member of “Princess Haya Award for Special Education” since its inception.

Academic teaching in educational sciences and quantitative methods

As professor in the faculty of educational sciences -Mohamed V University- Rabat, Pr.Dr.ALIMAM participated in the establishment of the research and formation unit of the post graduate studies in “Delinquents re-education”, and taught several modules in education, pedagogy, behavioral deviation, and criminology. He supervised several doctoral researches and graduate -fellows in the same unit.

He has been appointed first lecturer responsible of teaching quantitative methods, as well as neurolinguistic researches for the information analysis laboratory of the speech at Lausanne University-Switzerland.

Pr.Dr.ALIMAM became a reference in designing methodology of analysis, institutional evaluation and its application to educational institutions in Switzerland, by integrating quantitative methods and standardized auditing techniques.

In 2008, Pr.Dr.ALIMAM joined the Institute of Training and Judicial Studies in United Arab Emirates as professor of Criminology, Penology, criminal psychology, up to present.

Scientific researches and statistics

To achieve a proficiency in analytical and numerical skills, Pr.Dr.ALIMAM pursued post graduate studies in statistics at Neuchâtel University.

Having excelled in evaluation, educational and therapeutic research methods, Pr.Dr.ALIMAM was convoked by Max-Planck-Institute (the renowned scientific research center in Germany) as a postdoctoral researcher in Freiburg im Brisgau, where he conducted in-depth researches in various methods of educational rehabilitation, social and professional integration for juvenile delinquents (with severe behavioral problems and deviations)

Later, he innovated a statistical system, based on quantitative methods, to assess the judicial performance in the Supreme Court of the Kingdom of Morocco , and was designated by Dr. Driss DAHHAK (the first President of the Supreme Court) as President of the Judicial Publishing and Documentation Center, whereas he directed the project “Progiciel Juriprême 2002” and contributed in establishment and development of activities, rules and its different departments.

Criminology, institutional evaluation and expertise

After obtaining a Master of Science Degree in Criminology from Lausanne University, Pr.Dr.ALIMAM pursued his doctoral studies in criminology, with Pr. Martin KILLIAS - the founder and professor of criminology in Switzerland-, which required a high proficiency in several and interdisciplinary sciences (educational sciences, cognitive and behavioral psychology, sociology, statistics, law and others) to understand and study the deviant human behavior Pr.Dr.ALIMAM got his PhD Degree from Lausanne University- Switzerland.

Pr.Dr.ALIMAM assumed several responsibilities at Lausanne University in teaching clinical criminology, developing and supervising researches, as well as student's master’s degree supervision and expertise for local and federal governmental institutions.

He was expert in charge of researches at the Federal Commission for the pilot projects in justice and police central administration, designed and accomplished the evaluation researches for “ J. & M. Sandoz institution” in Neuchâtel as well as “ LE TRAM” Center for addicts in Geneva.

Judicial field and administration

In 1999, Pr.Dr.ALIMAM was appointed as an out class director of the prison administration and reeducation in Ministry of Justice and a professor at the National Institute of Judicial Studies in Rabat.

Then he was conjointly designated by the Supreme Court and the United Nations as the National Director of the Judicial Administration Modernization Project, which required the conception of new structures in judicial management, as well as the training and formation of its supervisors.


From 2006 to 2010, Pr.Dr.ALIMAM designed, prepared and presented the Live Radio-TV program “Hayatouna” at Noor Dubai Channel. Hayatouna was the first awareness program based on simplifying scientific concepts in the fields of children education, behavioral development, parenting skills, personal development, special education and mental health.

Pr.Dr.ALIMAM became well known in the media because of his competence in simplifying various sciences in an interesting way for the audience. He also has several contributions as special guest in other TV and radio stations such as Abu-Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Infinity TV.